Looking at the Bitcoin (BTC) weekly chart (Figure 1), we see that a major 3-wave uptrend is in place. If Bitcoin (BTC) achieves a weekly close above $12,000, a move to the top of the range at $14,000 becomes possible.

 Figure 1

Charts continue to show the possibility of a big move in big coins.

Using the work of Jesse Livermore (Figure 2), a famous trader from the early 20th century, it looks like Ethereum (ETH) and EOS are ready for a major launch higher.

 Figure 2

The recent consolidation in Ethereum (ETH) may mean our former upside target of $400 was too conservative. If new Livermore work continues to track, $750 is possible (Figure 3).

 Figure 3

The recent decline in EOS has improved the Livermore structure there (Figure 4). If a fundamental catalyst develops, the near-perfect Livermore setup could create a shocking rally.

 Figure 4

Bottom Line: Big moves are coming in big coins. Bitcoin (BTC) may be just the beginning of a larger crypto move.

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