**This article was written by the creator of Kratom Token (KRATOM). There are no guarantees of profits if you buy and trade Kratom Token (KRATOM), since it is indeed a free market. The only thing that can be guaranteed is that if you buy a Kratom Token (KRATOM), it will be redeemable for a kilo of actual Kratom from Amazing Botanicals.**

Kratom is a leaf from Southeast Asia, in particular Indonesia, that is used by 15 million Americans to manage chronic pain, opioid dependence, drug addiction, and mental health issues. The incredible thing about Kratom is that it is simultaneously extremely safe, with no overdose deaths in history and very little addiction potential

Shockingly, unlike all other major commodities, such as corn, wheat, oil, and Bitcoin (BTC), Kratom has not had an exchange of any sort up until now. Literally, there is a massive Kratom trade in the United States and across the globe, and it is a highly lucrative commodity, but there were zero exchanges to trade Kratom. 

However, with the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology it is now possible to trade Kratom, and to send Kratom anywhere in the world instantly and securely, thanks to the launch of Kratom Token (KRATOM).

Kratom Token (KRATOM) is a simple ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum (ETH) network, making it extremely secure and also instant. The key point of Kratom Token (KRATOM) is that each token is backed by a kilo of Kratom held in Amazing Botanicals’ warehouses, which is a highly reputable and fairly large Kratom vendor. 

Likewise, each Kratom Token (KRATOM) can be redeemed for a kilo of Kratom plus free shipping on the Amazing Botanicals website, simply by selecting Kratom Token (KRATOM) as a payment option at checkout.

Essentially, Kratom Token (KRATOM) is truly a Kratom-backed currency, with each token being backed by an actual kilo of Kratom. Simultaneously, Kratom Token (KRATOM) transforms physical Kratom into a currency that can be sent anywhere in the world instantly and securely. 

Regarding trading Kratom Token (KRATOM), right now Kratom Token (KRATOM) is listed on ForkDelta and Uniswap, and will be added to more exchanges as time goes on. The hope is that the Kratom Token (KRATOM) exchange will evolve into the world’s first serious Kratom exchange, where the price of Kratom will fluctuate based on supply and demand and regulatory actions, creating plenty of speculative opportunities. 

Thus, Kratom Token (KRATOM) is the first Kratom-backed currency, and gives users the ability to send Kratom anywhere in the world instantly and securely, and simultaneously Kratom Token (KRATOM) is listed on Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), which lays the groundwork for the emergence of the world’s first Kratom exchange, which is something that is direly needed since Kratom is such a popular and lucrative commodity.

You can buy Kratom Tokens (KRATOM) today at KratomSwap.com, they cost just $75 each, and can be redeemed for a kilo of actual Kratom on AmazingBotanicals.net.