Binance has received a big boost as payment processor CoinPayments integrates its native token, Binance Coin (BNB), into the CoinPayments platform.

CoinPayments announced the approval of BNB on Nov. 16 on its blog and on Twitter.

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, said in response that the spreading of BNB to 2.3 million new users is a great promotion to the community

CoinPayments offers over a thousand different cryptocurrency payment options, creating real use cases for many altcoins. Using many plugins, APIs, and Point of Sale interfaces, the processor has garnered the 2.3 million merchant user-base in 182 countries.

CoinPayments says they are “extremely proud” to be working with Binance. As one of the world’s top-ranking exchanges by volume with consistent community focused decision making, Binance may bring in many new users for CoinPayments.

CoinPayments explains its reasons for integrating BNB on its platform as well. Its reasons include:
Wide user-base on Binance to pay trading fees
Potential increased use by existing users
BNB is to be used to power the upcoming decentralized exchange being worked on by Binance
Support adoption

CoinPayments was the first payment processor to support altcoins. They have a multiple currency wallet and unique payment processing solutions. CoinPayment also provides a cold storage vault, instant confirmations, fiat bank settlements, and free auto conversion of altcoins on its platform.

Binance Coin is the 14th largest cryptocurrency by market cap with $900 million at the time of this writing, according to The total supply is 200 million, but Binance plans to use 20% of its quarterly profit to buy back and burn coins. This should create value and continued use for BNB in the future.