The US-focused wing of the popular crypto exchange Binance is set to offer support for Cosmos (ATOM) and NEO.

The announcement came from Binance.US on October 30th that it was going to add complete trading support for the tokens as of October 31st. Both these tokens are rated among the top 20 according to their market capitalization numbers.

A blockchain-based platform is offered by Cosmos which serves the role of a mediator between various blockchains. Its first ecosystem hub was launched in March this year after $17.3 million were raised in the token sale during April 2017. 

NEO, on the other hand, is an open-source decentralized blockchain app platform. In September 2019, NEO became the very first ever blockchain member of the open-source project of Microsoft, the .Net Foundation.

At press time, on an otherwise uneventful trading day, ATOM was up 0.25% to $3.28, while NEO was down slightly and trading at $10.53.

Binance receives $250,000 “long-term payment” to list SEC-compliant token

At the start of this week, the main platform of the Binance exchange-listed STX token of Blockstack after receiving a $250,000 “long-term payment” for ensuring that the said token doesn’t go off the list. It was revealed by Blockstack’s filing with the US SEC that 833,333 STX was received by Binance, which is close to $250,000 at a $0.30 token valuation.

According to Binance, it didn’t charge any listing fee for this and the marketing payment was the initiative of Blockstack itself.