Bitcoin (BTC) charts on a two-day timeframe are showing signs that Bitcoin (BTC) is about to make a major move one way or the other.

Fib circle analysis on the two-day chart show Bitcoin (BTC) approaching the edge of useful circle construct and the 21-period moving average. The pivot zone is between $3,630 and $3,710 (Figure 1).

 Figure 1

There is also a big Fib speed line near $3,784 (Figure 2), and there is a trendline coming off the $20,000 high that comes in near $3,775 (Figure 3).

 Figure 2

 Figure 3

Bottom Line: Looking $100 above or below $3,700, you can find technical pivots that matter.  Bitcoin (BTC) may be in a countdown to make a big move. The Crypto.IQ Trading Desk is looking to prove that Bitcoin (BTC) can prove it can swim and overcome risk that it sinks.

Join me there to see how they create opportunities in a world with a balanced technical picture.