We love the smell of karma in the morning. It smells like justice.

We’re not going to lie. Watching the Bitcoin Cash crowd suffer from what the Beatles would call instant karma is is wildly entertaining.

We feel strongly about the survival of Bitcoin and of the larger cryptocurrency community because it’s the route to the greatest amount of freedom for the greatest number of people. So we weren’t fans of BCash by a long shot.

Watching their growing concern over the potential hardfork feels like the good guy winning.

Lucas Nuzzi, director of technology research at Digital Asset Research notes the irony of the live by the sword; die by the sword nature of what he sees as the end of Bitcoin Cash. He also notes that the only things that have kept BCash afloat are Jihan Wu’s mining support and the exhaustive — and some would say desperate — marketing antics of Roger Ver.

Those antics have included obvious attempts at Bitcoin.com to mislead people looking for Bitcoin into buying BCash. It also includes a bad showing during the Coinsbank’s Blockchain Cruise earlier this month when the debate went fist city. We blame Bitcoin Core and BCash supporters equally for that incidentally, and don’t think violence is the answer, at least in this setting.

The discomfort of the BCash crowd has become more and more evident, as has their defensiveness.

“Bitcoin BCH will remain the only true coin that’s a low-fee, peer-to-peer, digital currency,” said Calvin Ayre, CEO of CoinGeek.