As 2019 welcomes many predictions on cryptocurrency markets, the buzz and anticipation around Bakkt Futures Contracts only grows in proportion.

Backed by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the parent firm of the New York Stock Exchange, Bakkt has been a topic of interest for months as release dates are increasingly delayed further, pending approval from the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

Recently, it has been announced that Bakkt will delay release of its futures product even further. Previously, the release date had been moved to Jan. 24, but now, the release date is uncertain.

A report claims the new date will be announced shortly after the beginning of 2019, pending CFTC approval of the product. CFTC officials will vote early in 2019 after assessing Bakkt’s product.

Meanwhile, the general public will have 30 days to comment. There is a chance, however, that current government shutdown conditions will delay progress by the CFTC and cause further delay.

The previous release of institutionally backed futures coincided with the downturn into the current bear trend. After a near 80 percent price decrease, one must wonder what effect Bakkt futures will ultimately have on the market.

There is one notable factor that may offer solace for those eagerly anticipating Bakkt and what it will do. Unlike existing CME and CBOE futures contracts, Bakkt will be settling contracts in physical delivery of Bitcoin rather than U.S. dollars. This may have potential for institutional money to favor holding crypto rather than speculate and return to holding dollars.

Regardless, observance of the market after Bakkt releases their product will help determine exactly how much is the market affected by derivative products.

Following a traditional capital raising approach – Bakkt approached various notable venture capital investors offering the chance to bid for equity in the business.

In a Medium blog post, Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffle says Bakkt has teamed with “12 partners and investors who, like us, believe in the future of digital assets.”

Notable stakeholders include Microsoft’s M12 ventures, CMT Digital, PayU, Pantera Capital, and the Boston Consulting Group. Completion of the funding round on Dec. 31 provided Bakkt with $182.5 million. Information on division of funding provided by investors is not provided.

Funding will be utilized for various projects by Bakkt in the new year. Upcoming projects and releases by the global trading network include the industry’s first institutional grade regulated exchange and clearing and warehousing services for physical delivery and storage of Bitcoin.

Bakkt’s current work is focused on facilitating price speculation through institutional access to digital assets. Furthermore, Bakkt wishes to see greater merchant and consumer use of Bitcoin by working with partners such as notable coffeehouse chain Starbucks.

The release of the futures may provide a new sense of comfort for institutional investors, but the release is not likely to be earth-shattering. The hope for a flood of Wall Street money has been long awaited in the crypto community, but there is still no timeline or guarantee of its realization. Speculation and manipulation still run rampant in the crypto space and it’s unlikely to change by the release of a financial product.