Although Bitcoin (BTC) is highly volatile and is often clouded by regulatory uncertainty, long term the price of Bitcoin has risen by many orders of magnitude, making it the most profitable asset of the 2010s.

Technically on New Years Day 2010 Bitcoin did not even have a price yet and was only being used by cryptography enthusiasts for fun. BitcoinMarket was the first Bitcoin exchange and opened in March 2010, and the price of Bitcoin was only $0.003. Since then the price of Bitcoin has risen 236.7 million percent.

Equivalently, $1 of Bitcoin purchased on BitcoinMarket in March 2010 is worth $2.367 million today.

Stocks have actually been in a bull run for the entire decade; in-fact this is one of the greatest stock bull runs in history. That being said, $1 invested into the S&P 500 on New Years Day 2010 is only worth $2.90 currently. This is spectacular performance for the stock market, but minuscule profits in comparison to Bitcoin.

Likewise, although bonds are considered the top safe-haven asset, $1 invested into a 30 year Treasury Bond on New Years Day 2010 is only worth $2.08 currently. Gold is also considered a top safe-haven asset and a primary competitor to Bitcoin, but $1 invested into gold on New Years Day 2010 is currently worth $1.34.

Some assets even lost value over the past decade, such as oil, with $1 invested into oil on New Years Day 2010 declining to $0.74 currently.

Thus, Bitcoin has outdone all other asset classes when it comes to profits during the 2010s. Now the question is, will Bitcoin remain the most profitable asset in the 2020s?