Bitcoin’s (BTC) source code will be stored deep under the Arctic ice in Norway this Spring, on film that is meant to last 1,000 years. This will mean that even if the entire surface of the Earth was destroyed by a nuclear war or asteroid, Bitcoin (BTC) will live on.

Bitcoin’s (BTC) code will be stored alongside all other active GitHub code repositories as part of the Arctic Code Vault. The vault is within a refurbished abandoned coal mine that is 250 meters underground, within the permafrost layer. The constant cold and darkness will protect the film from any radiation and heat. You can watch a video about the Arctic Code Vault below.

Notably, the Arctic Code Vault is only a mile away from the Global Seed Vault, which is essentially a Noah’s ark of all the world’s plants.

Further, Bitcoin’s (BTC) code will also be stored on film reels at the Oxford University Bodleian Library, in addition to being engraved into quartz glass via a laser as part of Microsoft’s Project Silica.

Thus, even if every computer which is running Bitcoin (BTC) is destroyed, the Bitcoin (BTC) network can be restarted from these copies. Therefore, even if there is a total nuclear war or catastrophic asteroid impact, Bitcoin (BTC) will still exist.