The emotional aspects of Bitcoin ownership and adoption are complex, as Jimmy Song so eloquently points out in this piece.

There are people like us here at Crypto.IQ, who grasp the magnitude of what Bitcoin means for the future of all people. We are just as excited about how it can enhance personal freedom as we are about Bitcoin as a payment system that is permissionless, decentralized, and censorship-resistant. We are HODLers because we believe in Bitcoin’s fundamentals and its future.

Then there are those who only hold Bitcoin long enough to buy their drugs or whatever on the darkweb or send money home in a way that doesn’t eat up the original amount a la Western Union. The merchants on the receiving end, unless they are the occasional crossover from the HODLer camp, are also only in it temporarily. Most don’t want to take a chance on volatile Bitcoin losing value while they hold it.

So this is the conundrum on the road to mass adoption. Forcing things never works in the long run —  unless you have an army and are willing to use it. That’s why we are patient about organic adoption. Of course, we do our best to point out the huge positives that come with owning Bitcoin as well as the potential negatives. We’ve made our informed decision. We want everyone else to do the same.

We’d be interested to know what you think about adoption and about any efforts you make toward spreading the word about Bitcoin. So please post your response, if you have one, on Facebook or email us at so we can share it in a future article or newsletter.