On Thursday, Crypto.IQ’s Charlie Shrem talked to Dan Weinberger, co-founder & CEO of Morpheus.Network, about the exciting role blockchain and supply logistics will play in global trade.

Weinberger was on his way to China to deliver a speech at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe conference about the Morpheus.Network blockchain-based logistics platform.

If implemented, the platform would help UNECE — which includes 56 member states in Europe, North America, and Asia — promote its plan for pan-European economic integration. It would also be open to any interested UN member states and other non-governmental organizations.

Weinberger’s speech will cover the broad theme of standardization of data, which will make such economic integrations as these go much more smoothly. Morpheus.Network is also implementing its blockchain-based logistics platform with one of its test companies, which Weinberger hasn’t yet named.

“It makes perfect sense for governments and countries to go about that same exact route and have everything sort of ported over to an immutable ledger that’s accessible and available,” Weinberger said.

Blockchain and supply chain go hand in hand because they provide consumers with the kind of reassurances they’re looking for in product sourcing.

“People can actually receive a product from the country, know the quality, know the authenticity,” he said.

Weinberger also noted that Morpheus.Network recently announced a partnership with SAP, or Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing, as well as running the Trusted IOT (Internet of Things) Alliance.

“IOT technologies to me are the most exciting technologies available right now,” Weinberger said. “We’re seeing sensors and you know ways of you know bringing in data that we’ve never seen before and what is really blockchain.”

Charlie Shrem, who is advisor to the Morpheus.Network project, just returned from Vienna and informal meetings with a friend who’s a deputy prime minister. He said Austria’s agricultural exports would benefit from platforms like Morpheus.Network.

“Companies like Walmart have just announced last week that all their supply chains, all their suppliers will have to use blockchain,” Shrem said. “So this is a country that could say right off the bat that all of our agriculture will be managed by using blockchain technology. Then maybe the products will be able to get into Walmart, and it’ll boost their country’s exports. I mean your company will single-handedly be helping that.”