Crypto-powered Brave web browser announced on October 16th that it has achieved a new landmark with eight million active users every month.

The daily count for active users currently stands at more than 2.8 million, and it also saw a substantial increase in the creators who have subscribed to Brave’s web advertisement network.

There are more than 290,000 Brave Verified Publishers as well who got the subscription for the advertisement platform governed by Brave’s Basic Attention Tokens. Brave also mentioned the composition of these publishers:

“200,000 of those are YouTube creators, 33,000 are website publishers or creators, 15,000 are Twitch streamers, and since we announced our support for Twitter tipping on August 1st, 28,000 Twitter accounts have joined to receive Basic Attention Tokens,” Brave said.

Brave launched the ads only 6 months ago on an opt-in basis. According to reports, the company has concluded a total of 385 campaigns on the platform since then which helped Brave accumulate 97 million ad confirmation events. They’re also claiming an increase in user engagement with the ad:

“Platform engagement is extremely high, with a click-through rate of 14% (the industry average is just 2%). More importantly, 12% of click-throughs result in page visits of 10 seconds or longer. There have been 2.36 million 10-second active page visits overall.”

Brave also shared an example of a campaign wherein the computer chip manufacturer Intel bought the ads for their Intel Gamer Days 2019. For this campaign, the chip maker used “Brave Ads as a social driver to reward participation for spreading the word about the upcoming Gamer Days events.”

The announcement also featured another example of the Brave Ads Grant that was won by The Lupus Foundation of America. For this campaign, the foundation’s website was verified as a Brave creator allowing for Brave ads to land people directly to the website for tipping and auto-contributing, alongside conventional contributions.

At the time of publication, the crypto market data platform Coin360 reflects an 11.65% increase in the value of BAT – currently valued at $0.226 per coin – within the last 24 hours only.

Reports from last month also show an increase in the popularity of the Brave browser as compared to its rivals like Opera, Firefox, and Chrome.