On August 11th, Decrypt reported that in the last year the number of publishers using the Brave browser has grown by over 1,200%. 

Number of publishers up to around 230,000

Data from BATGrowth shows that the number of Brave Rewards publishers has grown close to 230,000 from just 18,931 in July 2018.

The blockchain-based decentralized browser has 17,417 Twitter publishers, 29,278 website publishers including the Smithsonian Magazine and the Washington Post, 166,698 YouTube publishers, 2,917 Reddit publishers and more than 12,000 Twitch publishers using the reward program. More people are on-boarding Brave because of the browser’s attention focused approach towards advertisement revenue.

The Brave browser offers a tipping service for content creators

Browser users get to enjoy blocked trackers and ads as well as third parties that usually make browsing difficult. For sites that allow ads, users get to enjoy rewards in the form of the browser’s native token BAT. It can be used to tip publishers and websites that have signed up for the Brave Rewards program.

In the beginning of August last year, Brave introduced a feature that tips publishers with Basic Attention Tokens. The tipping service is associated with several features that the company announced. The services include setting up frequent recurring tips and a mechanism for informing the creator on how they can claim their rewards. The browser has built-in tips that are linked directly to Reddit and Twitter.

Users can withdrawal their tokens

Last month there was news that the users of the in-development version of the browser could access and withdraw the token after they have verified their identity with UpHold. After the verification process users can purchase more BAT tokens if they are interested in contributing to content creation and website maintenance.

The number of people using the Brave browser has grown tremendously. Several websites are accepting tips, and there are numerous ways that people in large social sites such as Twitter can be tipped. Perhaps this is a good example of an ICO that managed to create a token with some utility. Although it remains to be seen whether the model will be sustainable.