Brave, the blockchain-based web browser, has announced the development of a cryptocurrency  wallet called Crypto Wallets aimed at BAT, ETH, and ERC-20 tokens. 

A blog post shared on August 27th discussed Brave’s work. The announcement revealed that the new in-browser wallet extends support for the native ERC-20 Basic Attention Token (BAT), as well as other ETH-based tokens, collectibles, and Ethereum itself. Furthermore, Crypto Wallets will also allow interaction with different decentralized apps, or DApps, and with this Brave will become a Web3 browser.

The wallet, however, is not compatible with the Brave Rewards program. What this means is that users won’t be able to transfer BAT tokens between Crypto Wallets and Brave Rewards. As of now, users take the entire responsibility of managing keys, and it is recommended by Brave that users “stick to small amounts and keep regular backups” as long as they’re trying Crypto Wallet’s trial version.

The announcement clearly mentions that Brave plans on incorporating some option for transferring between Crypto Wallets and Brave Rewards. Brave intends to extend Uphold support to the wallet in the bid to allow its users to easily transfer their cryptocurrency assets between an Uphold account, Crypto Wallets, and Brave Rewards.

Furthermore, Brave’s plan is to eventually come up with direct integration of Crypto Wallets and Brave Rewards, rather than using Uphold’s custodial wallet to manage private keys. According to the announcement, it’s going to be the biggest project for Brave.  

In other news, Brave tweeted yesterday that Wikipedia is the latest addition to their verified publishers list. Earlier, on Aug. 21st, Brave also announced support for BAT tipping via Vimeo and Reddit.