CelticGold, a Frankfurt-based precious metals exchange, has informed its customers that they should consider diversifying into Bitcoin (BTC), specifically sayingConservative precious metal investors are therefore well advised to free themselves from their mental blockages and to diversify at least a tiny part of their assets into Bitcoin during the next dip.”

Essentially, gold is typically purchased as a safe haven asset, since gold generally rises when the stock market is weakening. Further, gold is a top choice among conservative investors who do not want their money to be at risk since gold holds its value long term.

Therefore, conservative gold investors would not typically buy Bitcoin (BTC), since Bitcoin (BTC) is relatively new and volatile. Also, Bitcoin (BTC) is often looked at as a game of attracting greater fools, where people buy Bitcoin (BTC) just so they can sell it to others at a higher price.

However, Bitcoin (BTC) has proven itself to be a solid safe-haven asset, since Bitcoin (BTC) has generally been rising during times when stocks are showing weakness. Further, Bitcoin (BTC) is not just a fool’s game, it actually has intrinsic value, since it is the world’s #1 decentralized currency, and it can be sent anywhere immutably, instantly, and securely.

As CelticGold points out, despite gold performing solidly in 2019 and 2020, Bitcoin (BTC) has been gaining far more than gold. Therefore, CelticGold recommends that investors allocate 1-5% of their portfolio into Bitcoin (BTC) so that investors can profit on Bitcoin’s (BTC) gains rather than missing the bus.