Coinbase has announced that it will be shutting down, with Earn users being required to withdraw funds by February 20. Indeed, the Earn website is essentially gone already, and now only displays a redirect to Coinbase Earn, although registered users can still login.

Earn was originally a platform where experts could earn crypto by answering emails. Essentially, crypto influencers and blockchain experts would sign up on Earn, and users would send these experts questions via email for a certain price. Apparently Earn was quite successful, since Coinbase acquired Earn for $120 million in April 2018.

Coinbase Earn then launched in December 2018, and it allows crypto users to earn free crypto by learning about crypto, trying new decentralized protocols, and completing tasks. Apparently, hundreds of millions of dollars of crypto has been distributed to nearly one million unique users of Coinbase Earn, and now Coinbase Earn is available in over 115 countries. This makes Coinbase Earn one of the best ways to receive significant amounts of airdropped crypto.

Now Coinbase is sunsetting the original Earn platform and will focus its efforts on Coinbase Earn. It seems the original Earn platform, where experts can earn crypto via replying to user’s emails, will be integrated into Coinbase Earn. Simultaneously, the opportunities and projects on Coinbase Earn will be expanded.

It is possible that this move is being done simply to increase Coinbase’s website traffic, rank, and user base, since all traffic is essentially being redirected to Coinbase at this time.