Coinbase has integrated the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) in order to simplify crypto withdrawals.

The ENS is a decentralized alternative to the DNS, and allows people to register domain names that have the .eth extension. Coinbase users can purchase an ENS domain name in the Coinbase Wallet’s dApp browser. Once the domain name is purchased, users can send crypto to their domain name, such as walletfan.eth, rather than typing in the actual crypto address, which is a long and complex hexadecimal string.

Essentially, this eliminates the problem where messing up one character in a crypto address can cause the crypto to be lost forever. Now Coinbase users can type in a simple .eth domain name to send any of the cryptocurrencies supported by Coinbase.

Further, Coinbase has enabled simple sending between Coinbase wallets. Basically, each Coinbase user can create their own username, such as @walletfan, and then other Coinbase users can send directly to that username.

Overall, these new services offered by Coinbase are a step forward for crypto usability, and could positively impact crypto adoption.