What’s it like to face off with the government in a criminal trial, sure that the facts will save you, only to learn the game is rigged?

Crypto Entrepreneur and bestselling author Michael Kimelman thought the facts were all he needed to avoid prison and continue his upscale lifestyle and his exploration of crypto.

He and Charlie swap prison stories that shed light on a system many think they understand but few do.

Kimelman turned down a sweetheart plea deal with no jail time or fine only to land a 30-month prison sentence because he wanted to defend himself.

He talks about recognizing the societal need for Bitcoin’s thanks to experiencing this justice system, one that sees 97% of cases land in the government’s favor. “That statistic alone should give you pause,” he says.

Now a crypto entrepreneur, speaker and prison reform advocate, Kimelman explores the threat of complacency in the crypto community and how the endgame could play out in this conflict between governments, corporations, and the people.