Listen to the April 19 Crypto.IQ Daily Radio Show

On this edition of the Crypto.IQ Daily Radio Show, we do a deep dive market analysis. Bitcoin (BTC) is continuing to push up against the $5,300-$5,400 resistance level, and the market is waiting to see if Bitcoin (BTC) will finally break through this critical resistance. Binance Coin (BNB) continues to rally in anticipation of the launch of the Binance DEX, and Mithril (MITH) has rallied over 50% on news that it is the first project migrating to the Binance Chain. Hear about how a hacker obtained the first three private keys for Satoshi’s Treasure without even leaving their computer. Satoshi’s Treasure is a game where 400 out of 1,000 private keys must be collected to win $1 million of Bitcoin (BTC). Treasure hunters are supposed to physically find the keys rather than just find them with a computer. We discuss how Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang strongly supports crypto and blockchain and has a plan for a $1,000 per month universal basic income for all adult Americans. If this happened, the USD would probably collapse which would cause Bitcoin (BTC) to become the primary global currency. Learn about how FinCEN has issued its first penalty to a peer-to-peer crypto trader for failing to acquire a money transmitter license.

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