Listen to the June 3 Crypto.IQ Daily Radio Show

On this edition of the Crypto.IQ Daily Radio Show, we do a deep dive market analysis. Bitcoin (BTC) managed to rise from $8,400 to $8,800 following the CME Bitcoin futures expiration, but gave back those gains overnight and is currently near $8,500. It will be important to watch whether Bitcoin (BTC) goes up or down over the next week since that can determine the trend for this month. EOS is down 6% this morning after the announcement of BlockOne’s new social media app called Voice. Binance Coin (BNB) is also down this morning following the revelation that Binance margin trading is not available in the United States, and the Binance DEX will also become unavailable in the United States on July 1. We discuss how LocalBitcoins has banned in-person cash trading, which is a major hit for Bitcoin (BTC) dealing. Learn why it is important to use limit trades instead of market trades, as revealed by the story of someone who did a large market trade on Kraken and ended up selling $10 million of Bitcoin (BTC) for $75 each. Hear how Facebook is in talks with the CFTC for GlobalCoin.

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