Listen to the June 5 Crypto.IQ Daily Radio Show

On this edition of the Crypto.IQ Daily Radio Show, we do a deep dive market analysis. The crypto market is in the red this morning and Bitcoin (BTC) dropped as low as $7,500 yesterday evening. The CME gap and a longer-term support level suggest Bitcoin (BTC) could head towards $7,000. We discuss how the SEC is suing Kik for the $100 million Kin ICO, and alleges that Kik sold $55 million of Kin tokens to United States investors without following the proper securities procedures. The SEC is seeking to ban Kik from conducting crypto activity, wants to return money to investors, and is seeking a civil penalty. Learn about Utreexo, a new protocol developed by Lightning Network Co-Creator Tadge Dryja. Utreexo will make it faster and easier to run a Bitcoin (BTC) full node, which would increase the health of the Bitcoin (BTC) network and increase user security. Hear about how Former Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles is launching a company which hopes to develop a blockchain-based operating system, despite ongoing fallout from the Mt. Gox debacle.

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