Listen to the May 6 2019 Crypto.IQ Daily Radio Show

On this edition of the Crypto.IQ Daily Radio Show we do a deep dive market analysis. Bitcoin (BTC) has been sideways and volatile since Friday, with resistance at $5,800 and support from $5,500-$5,600. The crypto market is in the red this morning since Bitcoin (BTC) has declined during the past 24 hours. The stock market is looking weaker, and a future stock recession could precipitate a Bitcoin (BTC) rally, especially combined with the block halvening in May 2020. Hear about how Fidelity is going to begin offering Bitcoin (BTC) trading, following in the footsteps of E-trade and Robinhood. We discuss how Craig Wright is being ordered by Federal Court to publish a list of Bitcoin (BTC) addresses, which may prove if he is Satoshi or not. That being said, this critical information may not be released to the public. Learn about how a single Bitcoin Cash (BCH) address has accounted for half of the transactions on the network during the past month, and this is being accomplished by rapidly sending a penny back and forth. We also discuss the continuing court battle between the New York Attorney General’s Office and Bitfinex/Tether (USDT). It will be important to watch how the New York Supreme Court responds to this case, specifically whether an injunction will be issued against Bitfinex and Tether (USDT). Learn about how the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is ready to approve Ethereum (ETH) futures, but this may not be a good thing.

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