For us at Crypto.IQ, there are few things better than a look behind the Bitcoin curtain. This talk between Crypto.IQ’s Charlie Shrem and JP Mangalindan, chief tech correspondent for Yahoo Finance, is a peek at Charlie’s experiences in early Bitcoin with a bit about his prison stint and some great advice on how to approach cryptocurrency.

In this interview that took place last week at the San Francisco MoneyShow, Charlie talks about hanging out with other Bitcoin visionaries when Bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency. Back then, they were simply his friends. Brian Armstrong, now CEO of Coinbase was working at Airbnb, and Roger “Bitcoin Jesus” Ver hadn’t yet pissed off practically everyone.

Charlie talks about unexpected aspects of prison life and what he learned about himself from being in that world and from working an $8-an-hour dishwashing job while transitioning to freedom.

He explains the rationale for founding Crypto.IQ and the company’s educational mission, offering along with that some basic rules for dealing with market volatility and cultivating a mindset suitable for the cryptocurrency space.

Charlie takes on the criticism from Bitcoin detractors, among them industry leaders who trash Bitcoin while ramping up their efforts to get into cryptocurrency in a profitable way.

There’s a lot covered in this interview in just a few minutes. We think you’ll not only enjoy it, but you’ll also find it useful and enlightening.