Crypto indices take another step into the mainstream as the world’s second-biggest stock exchange, NASDAQ, listed Cryptoindex’s AI-powered CIX100 on its platform.

A benchmark for the cryptocurrency market, CIX100 analyses crypto data and filters it using more than 200 factors. It is reportedly designed to leave out coins with fake rankings and volumes, ensuring investors get reliable information at all times.

After the first filtering is completed, Cryptoindex’s artificial intelligence algorithm analyzes cryptocurrency data from nine of the world’s largest exchanges, as well as data from Twitter, GitHub, news feeds, among others.

The AI then uses the information obtained in its selection process. From a pool of 2500 coins, it first selects those that have been in the top 200 for a minimum of 3 months, before narrowing down the options to just 100 coins. Note that the index rebalances every month to detect cryptos with inflated, “human-made” volume. It also gives price predictions, which are claimed to be 82% accurate on a daily average.

According to Cryptoindex Advisor, Austin Kimm, the launch of the company’s index on the NASDAQ platform cements its position as an important player in cryptocurrency indices.

He said, “The Cryptoindex team is honored to be listed on NASDAQ, which has always been a key platform for institutional investors to monitor classical indices. Cryptoindex’s methodology meets the needs and requirements of heavily regulated asset managers, plus institutional and professional investors.”

What does CIX100 look like?

Interested individuals can view the index at and get relevant information about the index’s present and past performance.

At the moment, we can only conclude that Crytoptoindex’s AI favors Bitcoin, as the top cryptocurrency currently constitutes up to 77 percent of the index –which is more than its actual market dominance by over 10%.  Ethereum (ETH) and Ripples (XRP) account for 7 % and 4 % of the portfolio respectively, a bit lower than their real market capital contribution.

 The Cryptoindex’s AI is expecting a fall in crypto prices, with the 30-day prediction giving out sell signals for all coins in the CIX100. The firm reports that the index has yielded up to 1100% gains since it was launched in May 2017.