The EOS network is apparently experiencing persistent micro-forks, which is causing transactions and blocks to be missed. Coinbase disabled EOS withdrawals on February 21, saying that the EOS network is experiencing degraded performance levels.

The issue has apparently continued for the past several days, and EOS withdrawals remain disabled on Coinbase. EOS block producer EOS Nation interjected that the EOS mainnet itself is highly reliable, and offered to help Coinbase with troubleshooting.

The data posted by EOS Nation shows that there were more severe issues in late January and early February, with the EOS network missing up to 40,000 blocks on the worst day, and tens of thousands of blocks on many other days. The incident that caused Coinbase to disable withdrawals on February 20 only involved 192 missed blocks.

According to block producer EOS New York, the problem is on Coinbase’s end, and Coinbase should reach out for help instead of disabling withdrawals.

Ultimately, it is unclear why EOS is experiencing micro-forks and persistently missed blocks over the past month, and the EOS developers have not released any blog posts regarding this issue.