The Ethereum (ETH) based payment protocol Sablier now facilitates continuously streamed payments, innovating the way that workers can be paid.

Essentially, instead of receiving a paycheck once every week or two, a worker being paid via Sablier can receive a continuous stream of payments once every hour, or for every task that they complete.

Such a payment system is pretty much not possible with fiat since typically corporations pay workers manually. Indeed, paying workers can be such a hassle that paychecks are only issued once every two weeks or once per month. Unfortunately, this creates a boom and bust cycle for workers, where they do not have the money they need for days before the paycheck, and then, they have abundant money for the days just after the paycheck.

A continuous payment protocol like Sablier can optimize worker’s lives by giving them a constant stream of income so that there is never a day where they are broke.

This is made possible by blockchain technology and smart contracts, which facilitate low fee, automatic payments.

Further, users of Sablier receive the CHAI token, which is an interest bearing token in the Maker DAO protocol. Therefore, workers receiving CHAI can increase their income even further via the interest while they hold CHAI tokens.

It is clear how this sort of technology can revolutionize the way payments are made to workers, and perhaps Sablier is the beginning of a trend where workers will receive a continuous stream of payments.