Ethereum Classic Labs has announced its business collaboration with the latest social media dApp iZbreaker. This dApp will be unveiled on the Ethereum Classic blockchain. It is meant to be an invite-only community that will link friends from different parts around the globe.

The social media dApp will feature a token-based rewards system. The reason for taking such a move will be to win over the loyalty of users and increase participation  through content creation.

The new alliance places the social media dApp in a really good position. It will be able to benefit from the development resources of its new partner and also its technical expertise. 

The CEO and founder of iZbreaker, Count Erik Wachtmeister, has also spoken about the latest developments. He takes a strong stand that indeed, the social media landscape currently in place isn’t effective. Wachtmeister believes that an ideal social media landscape should have the capacity to support genuine human interactions effectively.

According to the CEO, a great deal of the social media companies around today present experiences that have happened already. He says that on their part, they will be doing something more advanced. It will be about the introduction of things that haven’t happened yet.

Wachtmeister believes such a strategy will enable them to stand out from the rest of their competitors. It is a new way of doing things that will have people connect by proximity. Users will link up with each other in an almost similar way to what they do in person.

He adds that their strategy isn’t the kind that compels users to leave behind their existing social networks. On the contrary, it will support them in adding to their real social life in many ways. Some of the associated benefits include users being able to locate and map their contacts in real-time. This will be on the basis of shared interests, networking opportunities, and career search