Michelle Phan, one of the earliest YouTube creators, is a Bitcoin supporter, which she says is more fun than vlogging. The famous beauty queen picked up Bitcoin as one of her most exciting interests. Recently, she declared her love for the world’s top cryptocurrency.

Phan loves crypto because of decentralization

While speaking in an interview with The Cut, she indicated that she was more enthusiastic about Bitcoin than when she discovered YouTube. She demonstrated her love for digital currencies by claiming that investing in Bitcoin is perhaps the most important investment one can make. Phan, an entrepreneur and makeup artist, left her YouTube channel in 2015. 

She said that cryptocurrencies appealed to her because of decentralization. She compared crypto to YouTube, where anyone can own a channel, their network, and even create their own content. Phan further says that the advantage of BTC is that there is no authority power running it. She added that Bitcoin is not a company because it does not have a board, and for the first time, one can be their own bank. This is something that didn’t exist before.

As an influencer Phan is doing a good job promoting BTC

Phan backing Bitcoin is good news, as this may help in boosting the adoption of crypto. Bitcoin analyst Beautyon affirms that the latest bout of Phan supporting BTC is how normalization happens. Influencers are vital in changing the lives of many people. 

Phan has been buying Bitcoin in recent years, and she believes that is a path that most entrepreneurs should take. She believes that crypto will make transactions easier, especially purchasing products. According to Phan, the current situation of the industry is similar to the early days of the internet.

In a recent episode of the “Off The Pill” Podcast, she spoke extensively about Bitcoin and its benefits to entrepreneurship. During the episode, Phan likened BTC to gold and talked up the digital currency’s supply cap of 21 million units. In another episode on Ryan Higa’s podcast in September with presidential candidate Andrew Yang, she raised the issue of crypto. Yang answered with much enthusiasm, which shows there is hope for the industry.