German Bitcoin (BTC) mining infrastructure company Northern Bitcoin AG has completed the testing of its air-cooled mining container. The 20 ft. containers designed for outdoor crypto mining activities house 144 ASIC miners.

Air-cooled mining solution for all-year cold locations

On Monday a press release indicated that the mobile container solution would offer efficient and flexible mining infrastructure. The firm tested the new mining container at its Frankfurt-Hoechst facility, although its mining facilities are in Norway. 

The customized containers take up cold air from outside and filter it via lamellae mounted in the exterior walls to cool down the machines during mining. The warm air is then released via the opposite container wall. Fan performance varies, and it’s under the control of temperature sensors.

The firm came up with the innovation following the procurement of 4,475 ASIC miners from Bitmain and Cannan Creative in June. Chief Technology Officer Moritz Jager stated that the container solution offers a revolutionary approach to mining Bitcoin cost-effectively and sustainably. He added that the air-cooled solution is applicable all-year-round in cold locations where sustainable energy is available cheaply.

The company is committed to developing efficient and sustainable ways of mining cryptocurrency. This latest development adds to the water-cooled containers the company has been using successfully in Norway. The 21 water-cooled 40 ft. containers in Norway house 210 ASIC miners. The company’s sites are located at the Lefdal Mine Datacenter where the company runs its operations using green energy.

Bitcoin mining using sustainable energy

The company now has two container solutions for regions in the Nordic countries. With the new solution of Bitcoin mining containers, the firm is planning to enhance its operations in Scandinavia. Jager confirmed that with the solution, the company is extending its options to open up new locations in the region.

Just like the water-cooled containers, the air-cooled containers are also mobile. This allows the company to react flexibly to all location options within a short time to conduct efficient mining.

According to a press release, the company notes that efficient temperature control is important in mining operations. During crypto mining, the hardware used usually generates considerable heat hence the need for cooling.

Recent data from Statista indicates that Bitcoin energy consumption is becoming sustainable. This is even as the hash rate of the global network hits a record high. As of July 2019, energy consumption was around 69.79 terawatt-hours/year. Last year it was 71.12 terawatts-hours/year with the hash rate being 60% lower than now.

Manufacturers of mining hardware such as Bitmain are also developing similar solutions with lower energy demand but greater processing capabilities.