Google search data reveals the amount of people searching for Bitcoin over time, and also the regions where people search the term Bitcoin the most. Apparently, Nevada leads the United States for Bitcoin searches on Google and this perhaps indicates that Bitcoin is more popular in Nevada than in any other state.

Specifically, Google uses a ranking system from 0 to 100, with 100 being the state where people search Bitcoin the most relative to total searches. Nevada scores a 100 because it is the state where Bitcoin is searched the most relative to the total of all other searches in the US.

It is possible that Nevada has the highest interest in Bitcoin because gambling is legal in Nevada. Indeed, Las Vegas is one of the biggest gambling hubs on the planet. It is well known that Bitcoin has long been associated with gambling, since the instant and secure nature of Bitcoin is ideal for depositing and withdrawing money from online casinos.

In 2nd place are Hawaii and Utah, which each have a score of 90, meaning the fraction of Bitcoin searches to total searches is 90% of the ratio in Nevada. Following that, California, Washington, New Jersey and New York all score above 80, with Florida and Colorado being at 77.

Surprisingly, the region with the least interest in Bitcoin is Washington D.C. with a score of 42, and this is tied with Mississippi. Other states which rank at 50 or lower include Alabama, Oklahoma, Louisiana, South Carolina, Kentucky, and West Virginia.

Thus, the interest in Bitcoin varies from state to state, assuming that Google search data can be used as a proxy for Bitcoin popularity, and Nevada seems to be a Bitcoin haven while Washington D.C. is a Bitcoin desert.