Infamous crypto twitter influencer Hodlonaut has launched the second Lightning Torch, which is essentially the Bitcoin (BTC) version of the olympic torch. When a user receives the Lightning Torch they add a small amount of Bitcoin (BTC) and then pass it on to the next person, and the torch ends up traveling all across the globe.

The point of the Lightning Torch is to bring light to the efficacy of the Lightning Network, particularly the ability for Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network payments to be sent anywhere in the world instantly and with practically no fees.

Beyond the main purpose, the Lightning Torch brings excitement across crypto Twitter and increases interaction and trust in the community.

That being said, part of the game is seeing how big the torch will get before someone tries to steal it. Last year the Lightning Torch was stolen twice, once when it was just under $10 and another time when it was worth $86. The person who stole the $86 said “I’ll seize it because I can, and no one can stop me. This is Bitcoin. Lightning Network is unfairly cheap and fast”.

Of course, this person did not get the memo that the Lightning Torch was ultimately supposed to be donated to feed hungry orphans and the elderly in Venezuela. Fortunately, after being replaced the Lightning Torch did make it to Venezuela after being passed 292 times and was worth $217.

This time the Lightning Torch has quickly been passed around the globe, passing through over 40 countries and nearly 100 torch bearers in just three days. Already the Lightning Torch is over 0.01 Bitcoin (BTC), which is almost $100.

Now, it is a wait and see game. Will this torch beat the old torch’s records or will it be stolen? Either way, it’s good marketing for the Lightning Network.