John McAfee and Skycoin (SKY) have a spectacularly strange relationship. Skycoin (SKY) is unique since it uses the Obelisk consensus algorithm instead of PoW or PoS. It also has native CoinJoin for highly anonymous transactions as well as built-in torrenting style peer to peer downloads via Aether, on-chain storage, built-in on-chain messaging via Skywire and is supposedly highly scalable. In general, it has all the components needed for a decentralized internet. But despite all of the prowess of the Skycoin (SKY) dev team, they were completely consumed and overwhelmed by John McAfee.

It started somewhere around Nov. 4, when McAfee announced that he would be partnering with Skycoin. Three days later, McAfee tattooed the Skycoin (SKY) logo on his back. The tattoo was right over his spine and apparently extremely painful, which showed his true dedication to the project. The Skycoin (SKY) market cap surged $5 million following the tattoo, simultaneously with a doubling and tripling of volume. The McAfee tattoo rally was short-lived, however, and a crash followed. This may be the only time in recorded history that a tattoo caused a cryptocurrency pump and dump.

Four days after the tattoo on Nov. 11, McAfee posted a video in which he had a Skyminer in front of him along with a glass of liquor, and he was smoking a cigarette. McAfee says how awesome Skycoin (SKY) is, and then tells everyone to boycott it.

Later that day, McAfee posted the “serious” version of the video. The scene is the same except his glass of booze has been mostly drunk. McAfee basically says it’s “real, man,” and that he is a Skycoin (SKY) partner.

Things were quiet for a couple of weeks after this, but then McAfee posted a video on Nov. 21 in which he explains how he got fired from Skycoin (SKY) by the founder, right before the founder lost consciousness. The founder is so incredibly unconscious that he is oblivious to being videoed.

The next day, McAfee made a deal with the founder of Skycoin (SKY). If the founder could not hit a fish with a submachine gun on a moving boat, then McAfee would be hired again. Generally, it is not a good idea to invite your boss onto a boat loaded with guns the day after getting fired, but this is McAfee.

Then there was this passive aggressive tweet.

Apparently the Skycoin (SKY) dev team stayed with McAfee for an entire week, and McAfee posted a professionally made rap video to recap the week. The video and tweet is extremely explicit, and perhaps McAfee just wanted to get fired. In it, the Skycoin (SKY) founder looks stunned.

Since this video was posted eight days ago, McAfee has not made a single tweet about Skycoin (SKY). The market cap of Skycoin has dropped $20 million (70 percent) since McAfee partnered with them on Nov. 4.

The moral of this story is don’t do drugs. Perhaps this saga can be reformatted into a guide on how to get fired from any job while simultaneously sinking the entire company.