John McAfee is launching a new privacy cryptocurrency named Ghost Token (GHOST), and it will be tradeable on the McAfeeDex via atomic swaps once it launches. The whitepaper is expected to be released on May 15, and 25% of the Ghost Token (GHOST) supply will be airdropped to holders of Switch token (ESH) on May 25.

Some preliminary info about Ghost Token (GHOST) is that it will use an escrow pool to completely shield the history of transactions, and zero knowledge proofs will be used to verify transactions. Also, apparently Ghost Token (GHOST) will have masternodes, and users can earn coins via staking. Notably, Ghost Token (GHOST) will be completely decentralized.

It seems that Ghost Token (GHOST) is essentially an alternative to Monero (XMR). Indeed, the motto of Ghost Token (GHOST) is that it will make you nothing but a ghost when transacting online.

This is not the first time that McAfee has launched a cryptocurrency, although Ghost Token (GHOST) seems to be more serious than his previous crypto launches. Recently McAfee launched the joke crypto Epstein Did Not Kill Himself (WHACKD), in addition to launching Zombie Coin in 2019 after being paid millions of dollars, only to call Zombie Coin a shitcoin later on.

It remains to be seen if Ghost Token (GHOST) has any chance of competing with other already well established privacy coins, although it is an interesting hybrid between a privacy coin and proof of stake, and therefore may have a shot at gaining some popularity.