John McAfee claims to know who Satoshi is with 99% certainty, and now he has revealed how he figured it out.

First off, every person in the world writes with their own unique style, although this unique style is influenced by the region they live in. For example, people living in England have a unique style of speaking and writing relative to Americans.

McAfee asserts that clearly Satoshi is from England based on the linguistics of the Bitcoin WhitePaper.

Diving even deeper, McAfee used a linguistics analysis program, which he calls an authorship program, to single out exactly who Satoshi is. Basically, this program compares the Bitcoin WhitePaper with all of the other published works in the world.

Apparently one of the biggest tells is that Satoshi uses two spaces after each sentence, which is a form of writing used by only 5% of the population.

However, the real kicker is that when the Bitcoin WhitePaper is run through the authorship program, there is only one candidate who has a 99% chance of being Satoshi.

Ultimately, McAfee refuses to say who exactly Satoshi is because it could put Satoshi’s life in danger, but McAfee asserts that anyone can figure out who Satoshi is with the authorship program that McAfee used, which apparently only costs $200.