Texas, a place known for its holdouts — consider the Alamo, Ross Perot and the never say die effort to secede — is embracing cryptocurrency, so much so that large crypto mining operations are in the works deep in the hot heart of the Lone Star State.

TMGcore is not alone in choosing Texas for an operations site. Bitmain, the biggest mining company on the planet, is also making a $1 billion investment in Texas crypto, converting an aluminum smelting plant with an adjacent coal-fired electric plant into a massive server farm for a new mining operation.

The really big news, though, is the innovation going on at TMGcore.

One of the greatest challenges miners face is finding ways to keep mining gear cool. Until now, it’s been a matter of launching or moving to colder climes. It’s why many of these operations are in Iceland, Russia, Northern China, and other points far north.

But blockchain technology company TMGcore is using 3M Novec, a chemical coolant, to more efficiently cool custom ASIC boards.

Says TMGcore chief security officer William Hadala, “We put these miners into the tank, we fill it with the 3M liquid product, the chips on the board boil, and as they boil, it keeps the chips at a consistent temperature.”

We’re not alone in our firm belief that the profit motive drives innovation, especially in the volatile world of cryptocurrency. We’ve said the cost of doing business here would lead to advances that would silence arguments about crypto using too much energy. In this case, it’s led to a method of cooling super hot ASIC chips in a way that saves up to 90 percent of cooling costs.