The law firm Miller Thomson has requested that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police exhume and perform an autopsy on the body of Gerald Cotten, who is the Founder of QuadrigaCX. Essentially, there is a need to confirm that Cotten is really dead considering the questionable circumstances surrounding his death, which led to the loss of 200 million Canadian Dollars (CAD).

The original tale is that Cotten went on a honeymoon to India and died of Crohn’s disease, and the funds were lost because he was the only one with access to the private keys for QuadrigaCX’s cold storage wallets.

However, an article published by Vanity Fair in late November exposes a multitude of incriminating evidence. First off, Cotten launched his first ponzi scheme, S&S Investments, at the age of 15, and it promised 103-150% returns within two days but closed down after only 3 months, with most of the invested money disappearing. After that Cotten ran a succession of ponzi schemes for years, until in 2013 he posted on BlackHatWorld to hire someone to build QuadrigaCX.

Cotten’s business partner and co-founder of QuadrigaCX, Michael Patryn, was heavily involved in ponzi schemes as well, and even spent 18 months in federal prison for buying and selling stolen identification documents.

Aside from the disturbing fact that the Founders of QuadrigaCX were rooted in the criminal underworld, it is particularly relevant that the co-founder was experienced with trafficking fraudulent identification documents since such a skill could be useful when trying to make someone disappear.

Further, the QuadrigaCX cold storage wallets were mostly empty, so even if the private keys could be found it would not make a difference. Supposedly, Cotten had a safe anchored into the attic of his house that held the private keys and other valuables, but this safe was missing by the time Cotten died.

This is just some of the evidence that QuadrigaCX was a fraud and not a case of the Founder dying and the private keys being lost. More evidence for this is presented in the Vanity Fair article, so there is ample reason to dig up Cotten’s grave to see if his body is really there.