Cold-storage wallet manufacturer Ledger announced today a new hardware partnership with Blockchain, a Luxembourg-based cryptocurrency software company.

The partnership will come in the form of a new hardware wallet, dubbed the Blockchain Lockbox, a specially-branded Ledger Nano S combined with Blockchain’s software capabilities. Blockchain, formerly known as, is one of the oldest software wallet companies in the crypto space, serving over 25 million accounts since it started in 2011. Ledger, which has sold millions of hardware wallets since 2016, is known as one of the leading hardware wallet companies in the crypto space.

Ledger stated in a press release that the Lockbox is the first-of-its-kind device, one that uniquely integrates a software separate from the device’s hardware, opening up a new world of possibility for storage, trading, and more.

“The Lockbox is a reflection of what our companies both do best. We’ve created an elegant software and hardware integration that offers more functionality than previously existed in our space. We’re thrilled to offer the Lockbox to Blockchain users. so they can easily manage their funds online and offline seamlessly,” Peter Smith, CEO and Co-Founder of Blockchain, said in Ledger’s press release.

In addition to safely storing funds offline, Smith said in a Blockchain blog that the Lockbox will feature direct crypto trades using Swap, Blockchain’s brokerage service set to launch next week. Swap is powered by Blockchain’s proprietary machine trading software platform and will ensure best execution across assets, he added.

“We’re dedicated to building the functionality you want, without compromising control of your key. Your crypto is yours, and it should stay that way,” he said.

Ledger said the partnership represents a step forward in security and non-custodial ownership of funds. As stories of crypto hacking continue to occupy news headlines, crypto safety is of paramount importance. The Blockchain Lockbox became available for pre-order Oct. 25 and will ship mid-November.