LibertyX has announced that Americans can now purchase Bitcoin (BTC) with cash at 20,000+ retail locations, consisting of 7-Eleven, CVS Pharmacy, and Rite Aid locations. 

Notably, LibertyX has been around since the early days of the crypto space, and has always been a fairly easy option for purchasing Bitcoin (BTC) with cash, and before crypto ATMs existed LibertyX reigned supreme. 

The proliferation of crypto ATMs is undoubtedly serious competition for LibertyX, and it is impressive that LibertyX is stronger than ever and has expanded so rapidly despite there being more crypto ATMs than ever before. 

Apparently buying Bitcoin (BTC) with LibertyX is quite simple. Users select a store location, select an amount between $20 and $500, and then generate a barcode. The cashier then scans the barcode, and the Bitcoin (BTC) is sent to the user’s wallet within minutes. 

The most notable aspect of this LibertyX service is that the fees are incredibly low, with a fee only 0.5% above the spot price plus a $5 transaction fee. 

This makes LibertyX extremely competitive with crypto ATMs, which charge anywhere from 5% to 20% for purchasing Bitcoin (BTC). Even at the lower end of the crypto ATM fee range, it is still far more fees than LibertyX.

Thus, LibertyX is giving crypto ATMs some serious competition, is helping to accelerate crypto adoption, and is increasing Bitcoin (BTC) market demand by making it easy to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with cash at some of the most popular convenience stores in the nation.