NASDAQ has added a new crypto-related index in partnership with Exante, the London-based brokerage firm, and the focus of this new listing is on decentralized finance projects.

This new index goes by the name ‘Defix’ and was launched through Exante. The brokerage firm has been involved in the crypto industry for some time as it launched a Bitcoin fund early in 2012. According to the announcement from NASDAQ, Defix comprises tokens from different projects including Augur, 0x, and MakerDAO. According to NASDAQ website:

“DeFiX” is the first altcoin index that reflects the dynamics of the most promising blockchain projects working in decentralized finance: Augur, Gnosis, Amoveo, Numerai, Maker, 0x.”

The new index is now registered with NASDAQ under DEFX ticker, and platforms like Google and Trading View can be used to track it. There are reports that a Yahoo Finance listing is also about to arrive.

So far, this year has seen NASDAQ add lots of crypto-related data. Dedicated indices were added for Bitcoin, XRP, and Ethereum, along with a crypto pricing product by partnering with CryptoCompare. 

There are reports that Exante is also planning to launch its Defix index-based fund later in 2019. According to the company’s claims, it will be a “secure, financially accredited agency” offering.

DeFi has been a hot topic in recent months with the growth of projects like Nexo, Celsius Network, BlockFi and others. In other news, Coinbase has just announced a fund for supporting developers of DeFi protocols. The USDC Bootstrap Fund will add to the lending pools of Compound and dYdX.