Education Index has unveiled software that will simplify matters for students in need of sending their applications to universities. The Libereka Common Application & Scholarship System (LCASS) will allow students to submit multiple applications and apply for scholarships with a single form. 

Libereka stores student information such as academic credentials, transcripts, and other documents on the blockchain. Libereka also employs a technology that helps learners in making important decisions such as the place they want to study, courses of study, and potential degrees. It utilizes student-submitted data to accomplish this. 

Coumik Ganguly, CEO of Education Index, described it as a game-changer, inviting other higher education institutions to check it out.

Libereka makes recruiting students simpler, cheaper and more efficient, freeing up time for universities to focus on what really matters: securing the best and brightest students,” he said. 

Funding is provided from the university scholarship system through university access fees. Students using the platform are allotted funds, as well as scholarships the university may offer. If scholarships are not accepted, Libereka returns funds to the university. 

There are plans for Libereka to start issuing out a wide range of blockchain-based credentials. That implies that university learners will be in a position to keep a blockchain-secured record of their academic credentials.

Libereka is available in non-traditional and underserved university student markets outside of North America and Europe. They have focused their efforts in China, Southeast Asia, Africa, India, and the Middle East.