According to the CEO of the Brave Browser, Brendan Eich, there are now 12.2 monthly users of the Brave Browser, with over 4 million of those users logging in every day.

The Brave Browser aims to compete with mainstream browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Chrome by offering anonymous browsing and not collecting user’s data. Also, the Brave Browser is aiming to create a new advertising paradigm by paying users the Basic Attention Token (BAT) cryptocurrency when they view ads, and by removing the middle man in the advertising process so that web publishers get more revenue.

It appears Brave Browser adoption is finally experiencing an uptick, but this still pales in comparison to the 310 million people who use Google Chrome and the 250 million people who use Firefox.

One thing that has been inhibiting Brave Browser adoption is that all users have to go through a full know your customer (KYC) process in order to receive and use Basic Attention Token (BAT) rewards, and this lack of anonymity has likely scared away many crypto oriented users, which is the Brave Browser’s target audience.

Beyond that, it is unknown if the over 4 million daily active users are just running the Brave Browser in the background to collect ad revenue, or if they are really using it to surf the web.

In any case, it appears the Brave Browser is gaining some traction, and perhaps it will continue to grow long term. Time will tell.