Here’s a little-noticed CNBC headline:

HTC launches its blockchain-focused phone, but you can only buy it in cryptocurrency

Here’s the picture that says it all. It’s a crypto phone that starts the next big tech race — the phone wallet.

Q: Why is the picture telling?

A: Because it puts a crypto wallet in the hands of somebody who is a crypto enthusiast but maybe not a crypto genius. It gives a hard wallet to somebody and let’s them grow into it, like a little kid growing into a new football jersey he wants to last a long time.

It’s incredible. Somebody with a Coinbase account can have their first experience of buying crypto and then using it to buy something. That something gets them MORE into crypto. Even if a teenager has to help them make the initial purchase, people will start doing it.

Remember, the internet became popular when entities like Dell pioneered affordable devices that allowed people — who weren’t tech savvy at all — to have work-based Windows productivity tools at home AND have the option to join the internet wave.

Bottom Line: Looking for signs of adoption? Here they are. Everybody needs a phone. Why not a phone with a wallet? Even as a middle-aged man, I feel like writing Santa to ask for one.