Poloniex has leaked an undisclosed amount of customers’ data, prompting the exchange to send out password change emails to users, as well as a request that all users upgrade to 2-factor authentication (2FA) in order to avoid any more account breaches.

In other words, it seems Poloniex has been hacked, putting accounts at risk of losing their funds, as well as possibly leaking full identification data.

Poloniex has already been going through some difficult times, and this leak only adds to the turmoil. Recently Poloniex was at least partially acquired by Justin Sun, the Founder of the Tron Foundation, and simultaneously Poloniex left the United States.

Basically, all United States customers were disenfranchised, and there was also speculation that Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation had control of all the customer data, although this could not be confirmed. This leak of an undisclosed amount of customer data will only add fuel to the fire.

Further, Poloniex got in a fight with the Founder of Digibyte (DGB), and has delisted the coin and will seize all Digibyte (DGB) that has not been withdrawn by January 30. These actions have drawn the ire of the Digibyte (DGB) community.

Poloniex has yet to make an official statement regarding this leak, despite the gravity of the situation. It is possible that once an official announcement is made the scope of the leak will be disclosed.