Overview: Billed as the eco-friendly alternative to PoW, PoC uses empty or unused space on user hard drives to mine coins and validate transactions. Instead of PoW’s computationally-heavy calculations, PoC makes users “plot” part of their hard drive space to store solutions before mining even begins. If your hard drive has the fastest solution to the newest block, you win the block reward. 

Strengths: In PoC mining, there is no requirement for ASIC mining, or specific specialized mining. As such, the layman can even use his or her phone hard drive to participate in mining. Users can enter or exit the mining process willingly, which offers great flexibility to those who can only mine during certain times of day. 

Criticisms: Because solutions must be plotted beforehand, the more plotted solutions you have, the more likely it is you will have the fastest solution – some argue that it will lead to another centralized mining, where those with the deepest pockets will be the ones in control of mining. There are concerns with malware, too, which could take up space on a user’s phone rather undetected. 

List of Coins: Burst (BURST)