Overview: Proof of Origin is seen as an improvement upon Proof of Location. PoO leverages zero-knowledge proofs to cryptographically and verifiably validate the location of nodes in a system. Using proximity as the heuristic for consensus, two nodes can validate their location without giving up their location publically. Proof of Origin coins have nodes set up around the world, so if any node is tampered with, the disparity in proximity will indicate that location has been tampered with. This can create a chain of trust along an entire blockchain. 

Strengths: Zero-knowledge proofs enable location to be confirmed anonymously and without tampering. It’s a major improvement upon Proof of Location by creating a consensus mechanism that is resistant to location spoofing. 

Criticisms: The way in which tokens are integrated into the system has yet to be proven and/or needed. Proving that nodes/beacons are not tampered with from the manufacturer is also another issue that needs a verifiable solution. 

List of Coins: Origin, XYO Network (XYO)