A Crypto.IQ article from last week discussed how Purse.IO was mysteriously shutting down, despite being one of the most popular crypto services in existence. However, now it appears that Purse.IO may stay in business after all. After its shutdown announcement, crypto advocates, crypto companies, and high volume users stepped forward to acquire Purse.IO. Apparently Purse.IO is in the process of vetting the new owners, i.e. bargaining for the best acquisition deal.

Indeed, Purse.IO’s original plan was to shut down their shop and earn functions as of this past Thursday, but shop and earn remain active, since it appears Purse.IO is serious about keeping the business operational so that they can sell it to someone.

It remains unclear as to why Purse.IO was shutting down. Purse.IO is considered one of crypto’s ‘killer apps’ and it is highly popular since it allows crypto users to purchase gift cards at deeply discounted rates.

It is especially nonsensical that Purse.IO announced that it was shutting down considering the abundance of investors who are willing to acquire the company. If Purse.IO was shutting down due to budgetary issues, they could have sought an investor before announcing the shutdown.

In any case, the shutdown announcement has worked to Purse.IO’s advantage. Now investors from across the crypto space are trying to acquire the platform, and perhaps that was Purse.IO’s plan from the beginning.