Satoshi Games Studios has announced the introduction of a Bitcoin-enabled game. The Fortnite-like game dubbed Lightnite with built-in Lightning Network allows players to get rewards.

According to the announcement made over the weekend, the interaction between players offers monetary rewards. However, for those who don’t play well, they will incur a penalty. Satoshi Games explained that players would earn Bitcoin if they shoot another player. Equally, they will lose BTC if they get shot.

Players will have in-game items with with real BTC value. Another player can claim the items once they have shot the player. Lightnite also offers a store where players can purchase items using real money or through a Bitcoin microtransaction.

There is a Bitcoin balance for each player in the form of a BTC wallet that will update in real-time. Players can use the accumulated BTC in purchasing items in a way similar to conventional video-game microtransactions. Otherwise, a player can decide to opt-out of the game any time and then deposit the winnings to their BTC wallet.

The game will feature two-player modes, which are a BTC-enabled mode and a Bitcoin-less mode. This is to allow everybody to play even users not interested in BTC value. The Bitcoin-less mode will entice players in the hope that they will transition to the BTC mode to boost crypto adoption. The Bitcoin-less version offers in-game points instead of cryptocurrency but allows players to buy items through fiat currency.

The game employs the Lightning Network technology in managing the crypto aspect of the game. To begin playing for Bitcoin, the player has to deposit BTC to the wallet when launching the game first. Thereafter the player is then ready to enter the battle .

Satoshi Games is planning to release Lightnite through conventional platforms. The company will release it via channels such as the PlayStation Store, Steam, Elixir distribution platform, and Although Lightnite will unlikely affect EA’s Apex Legends or Fortnite, it is nonetheless an interesting way of integrating crypto into gaming.