SpaceChain, a company which focuses on launching Bitcoin (BTC) nodes into space, has successfully sent 0.01 Bitcoin worth over $100 from the International Space Station to the Earth. This is apparently not the first time Bitcoin has been sent from space, since the International Space Station has had a Bitcoin node for a long time, but it is the first multi-signature transaction sent from space, and it is a milestone for the crypto space. 

The Bitcoin transaction was sent between a powerful computer on the International Space Station and a ground station via an antenna, and both sides held keys which approved the transaction. Essentially, since this transaction is multi-signature, it required keys from both the ground station and the International Space Station to work. 

This success demonstrates that it is feasible to have a constellation of satellites in space that function as Bitcoin nodes, and these satellites can send Bitcoin transactions across the Earth. 

This is a big deal because it increases the decentralization of the Bitcoin network, since Bitcoin nodes in space cannot be physically accessed, and also they are much more hack-proof, since they do not connect with the regular internet. In fact, the database for the node is in space, and can only be accessed onboard the satellite itself.

Therefore, totalitarian governments would have a very difficult, if not impossible, time trying to shutdown a Bitcoin node in space.

The next step in this project is apparently to launch more satellites that function as Bitcoin nodes, and then commercializing crypto transactions in space, so any company and individual can utilize this technology. 

Thus, Bitcoin can now be successfully sent through space, and zooming out, perhaps this is a sign that Bitcoin will be one of the best currencies to use as human civilization expands to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.