Crypto.IQ has covered the Craig Wright versus Dave Kleiman court case for what seems like an eternity. It is perhaps the biggest crypto court case in history, since 1.1 million Bitcoins (BTC) worth $11 billion are at stake, and it strikes at the very origins of Bitcoin, since Wright claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, and if that is true, then these 1.1 million Bitcoin’s are Satoshi’s stash. 

However, Wright has pulled out every trick in the book to bog down and stall out this court case.  That includes continuously submitting motions to dismiss the case, refusing to provide critical info, saying he had no access to the Bitcoin stash until a bonded courier arrived, saying that the bonded courier did arrive but he still cannot access the Bitcoin, and providing misinformation in court under oath. 

The latest news is that the trial date has been set for January 4 2021, although the real story is that the trial was pushed back from October 13. This begs the question, will the trial just be pushed back again as January approaches?

The other important development is that Wright submitted a multi-part motion to dismiss the case, but the motion failed, and the judge has ruled that the case will go to trial. 

Ultimately, this is an extremely messy case, since Wright is as slippery as a snake and is pulling out every move possible to delay the case. To be fair however, the estate of Dave Kleiman only has tenuous evidence that they have a right to half of the Bitcoin stash as it’s mostly based on Wright’s own questionable claims.

Thus, it remains to be seen when the trial of Wright versus Kleiman will actually happen. Further, if Wright ultimately does lose the trial, it remains to be seen if the court will be able to do anything to get Wright to turn over the Bitcoins, since at this point it is unclear where the Bitcoins are being held, and Wright continues to claim that he has no access to them.