Bahamas Raid, Cia Attack in Cuba, Jail in the Dominican Republic, Long Night in London, Safe Room in Lithuania

Crypto influencer John McAfee is running for President of the United States while running from the United States, and his saga has continued to evolve as he crosses numerous international borders.

A previous Crypto.IQ article detailed the beginnings of this journey when McAfee fled the United States out of fear that the IRS would arrest him for not paying taxes in eight years. McAfee claimed to be off the coast of Newfoundland and then off the coast of Venezuela to obfuscate his trail, but ultimately McAfee ended up in the Bahamas in late January.

McAfee’s time in the Bahamas involved plenty of drinking and partying as well as diligent scientific research to bring new mixed drinks to the world.

Aside from the drinking, McAfee was also tackling some of the most important mysteries in the crypto space. In late April, McAfee claimed on Twitter to know the true identity of Bitcoin’s (BTC) creator Satoshi Nakamoto but was advised by his lawyer not to release the information, or McAfee would risk being extradited back to the United States.

In order to protect himself from being seized by the black helicopters of the CIA, NSA, and FBI, McAfee heavily armed his boat and even installed security drones.

After staying in the Bahamas for several months, McAfee lifted anchor and planned on traveling to Jamaica and the southwestern Caribbean.

The boat was apparently not strong enough to make it, and McAfee ended up in Cuba instead, which may be a good thing for McAfee considering Cuba and the United States do not get along very well.

Unfortunately, McAfee found that the parts to fix the boat had to come from the United States, so McAfee had to stay in Cuba for some time before returning to the Bahamas.

Apparently heavy drug use was occurring within the McAfee campaign somewhere between Cuba and the Bahamas.

And after heavy use of hallucinogens and stimulants, the black helicopters approaching seemed very real.

Additionally, the man was watching.

McAfee then located an island in the Bahamas where tax crimes are not a problem, since there are no taxes and maybe nothing at all besides sand and water.

Paradise was soon lost. Something happened involving the Bahamian police, and McAfee ended up back in Cuba.

McAfee setup a ‘campaign headquarters’ in Havana after the incident in the Bahamas, which supposedly involved the CIA and the Bahamian military.

In a scary incident, one of McAfee’s body doubles was poisoned by an unknown substance and woke up 11 days later with no memory. This happened after the raid in the Bahamas.

After a long time in Cuba, apparently, the CIA tried to capture McAfee, and he fled out to sea.

Things went downhill quickly at this point. After traveling through rough weather at sea for several days, McAfee was arrested.

It was soon revealed that McAfee had been arrested in the Dominican Republic, twice, apparently for bringing firearms into the country without declaring them.

McAfee claims the situation was a farce since the boat was boarded before the weapons could be declared to customs.

Unfortunately, McAfee lost the boat and his beloved dogs at this point due to the government seizing them.

The Dominican Republic deported McAfee, and since McAfee has dual citizenship in the United Kingdom and the United States, McAfee was allowed to travel to London. Apparently, guards and witnesses were needed to prevent McAfee from being arrested in London.

Ultimately McAfee made it to Lithuania where, supposedly, the United States cannot reach him.

In summary, McAfee has been on one of the most insane presidential campaigns in history — if it can be called a presidential campaign.

After fleeing the United States, McAfee spent months partying in the Bahamas before ultimately being attacked by the government and ending up in Cuba. Then, the CIA supposedly tried to capture McAfee in Cuba, and he fled out to sea, only to be arrested in the Dominican Republic twice. Then McAfee fled to London, and onwards to Lithuania.

To McAfee’s credit, he is posting plenty of important and intriguing information on Twitter regarding cryptocurrency, the government, life in communist Cuba, among other things, and he even launched a cryptocurrency debit card and a website that is useful for exchange trading called McAfee Magic.

McAfee seems to be succeeding in spreading his ideas on various important issues to his one million Twitter followers. However, the idea that McAfee is truly running a presidential campaign is becoming even more far fetched now that McAfee has been forced out of the Western Hemisphere.